British Birds Fact and Activity Book

British Birds Fact and Activity Book

36 pages of bird facts, colouring and activities 

British brand Button and Squirt

Printed in the UK on recycled paper using vegetable based inks

Wire binding so the book is easy to open and lay flat

Includes 12 different birds that you can commonly see in Britain.

For each bird there is a fact file page telling you its name, its scientific name, when you can see them, what they eat, their conservation status, wingspan and a fun fact, along with an illustration.

The book also includes a this book belongs to page, two bird spotting lists, a wordsearch, a dot to dot, a spot the difference, a put them in size order acitvity, a maze and a colouring page

A great colouring, activity and fact book that can be kept and referenced back to again and again.