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Inch Blue Pre Walker Wild Rose

Inch Blue Pre Walker Wild Rose

Inch Blue shoes are recommended as the next best thing to bare feet. Made from soft leather they allow feet to breathe. Shoes are light and flexible so little feet can move freely without restriction. Soft soles allow pre-walkers to feel and grip the ground, helping them develop a sense of balance. The elasticated ankle makes them easy to put on and stay on.

For walkers  the added thin  layer of natural rubber to the suede soles that is super flexible so doesn’t restrict movement and still allows them to grip the floor.

The ‘Gripz’ rubber soles offer an extra layer of protection for toddlers and are more durable for outdoor use in damp conditions.

Made in Wales

Use the Inch Blue  chart to help you decide which size will fit your child

  • Measure your child's feet and refer to the guide below
  • The gap between the big toe and end of shoe should be 8mm - 14mm. (if less than 8mm the shoes are too small)
  • SizeAge











    Small0-6 Months10.50-2 UK17-18 EU
    Medium6-12 Months122-3.5 UK19-20 EU
    Large12-18 Months13.53.5-5 UK20-22 EU
    Extra Large18-24 Months14.55-6.5 UK22-23 EU
    £25.00 Regular Price
    £12.50Sale Price
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