Sarah's Silks Enchanted Play Silk

Sarah's Silks Enchanted Play Silk

Sarah's Silks Enchanted Rainbow Playsilk will be used for anything your child can imagine.

Classic addition to Steiner open-ended play

Small playsilks just right for little hands!
As doll house rugs and blankets, peek-a-boo with baby, in a pot to stir as soup, dance classes to wave around to the music, wrap a little present and so much more...

Children can use Mini Playsilks to build forts, make puppet shows, design playhouses and so much more!   Mini Enchanted Mini Playsilks feature gorgeous colour harmonies inspired by nature's beauty.


  • 100% chinese silk, natural and sustainable.
  • hand-painted and silk-screened by hand
  • 21 x 21 inches/ 52 x 52 cm
  • Playsilks are dyed with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes and have been safety tested for children of all ages