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Baby Animal Match and Memory Game

Baby Animal Match and Memory Game

Stunning photos of baby animals and their parent

44 cards with rounded corners

Boxed set

22 animals including Geko, corn snake, eagle owl , hedgehog, raven, donkey and more

Perfect for animal lovers of all ages and a super gift for Easter

Comes with a booklet full of  fascinating facts about the animals and their relationship with their babies

Pair up the baby animals with their parents in this memory game.

44 cards feature photographs from animal portraitist Gerrard Gethings, plus facts about all the animals in the accompanying booklet.

Gerrard Gethings is a photographer and dog lover renowned for his characterful portraits of animals. He has produced fashion, lifestyle and animal photography for a wide variety of clients within editorial, TV and advertising.
Mike Unwin is an award-winning writer of popular natural history books for adults and children. He writes for The Daily Telegraph, The Times, BBC Wildlife, Travel Africa, as well as the RSPB and WWF. Also a widely published photographer, his travels have taken him to every continent in search of its birds and other wildlife.

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