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Eguchi Wooden Horn Rattle

Eguchi Wooden Horn Rattle

The most beautiful walnut and beech wood rattle from Eguchi, a leading supplier of high quality Montessori eductional materials

Created by Japanese designer Kentaro Eguchi with a Montessori education background

Rattles are designed to present new and interesting sensory experiences to babies as they begin to reach for things, feel and respond to objects, 

Rattles are able to challenge their early understanding of sight and sound, serving as an important aide in their development. 

They will also learn to better appreciate cause and effect when using the rattle, seeing how their action of shaking the rattle leads to sound.

Rattles also able to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they grasp and shake the wooden rattle, all important for later skills such as holding a pencil, turning pages, and self-feeding.

Crafted in Taiwan

Black walnut, finely sanded and sealed with natural oil for a smooth finish

Size: 11 x 4 cm

Weight: 23 gm

Comes boxed

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