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Petit Boum My First Toy

Petit Boum My First Toy

Designed and made in Spain

An ideal first toy for babies who have just discovered their hands.

The brightly contrasting handkerchief and the sensory bottle stimulate the baby’s senses in a free and spontaneous game inspired by the  pedagogy of Emmi Pikler. 

The lightweight cotton hankerchief encourages young babies to grasp, hold and move it. 

When laying on their back and the hankerchief is placed close by in the pyramid shape babies are stimulated to roll to reach it. 

Red and white are the colours babies are most stimulated by after black and white.

The hankerchief is ideal for playing peekaboo to with people and objects helping to develop object permanence.

The sensory bottle provides both visual and auditory stimulation when shaken or rolled. Again the contrast of red and white is ideal for young babies visual stimulation.

Suitable from 3 months with adult supervision




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