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Fairy Tale Memory Game

Fairy Tale Memory Game

Reunite characters and props from your favourite fairy tales in this fun new memory game.

Simply match three objects to create a story: Cinderella + pumpkin carriage + glass slipper.

Can you remember who's afraid of being eaten by the wolf? And which tale the three bears belong to? Young children will enjoy piecing the stories together and expert storytellers can play as a challenging memory game where you must remember the location of all three pieces.

The delightful box contains 15 fairy tales illustrated by Yeji Yun and retold by Anna Claybourne.

A fun, simple game for families that will appeal to children aged 4-7 years
Find all 15 fairy-tales held within the charmingly illustrated box measuring 235 x 125 x 34mm - perfect for taking anywhere on the go!
Includes a full colour booklet with summarised stories of the characters.


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